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Improper research practices


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Who We Are

Students often find themselves lost in the bureaucracy of the process of academic disputes, misconduct, appeals & petitions. AcademicLaw was founded to protect and defend you against any academic dispute you may be encountering. When it comes to academic disputes & appeals, the stakes are high as your reputation and future career is on the line – allow our professionals to defend you at such an integral time.


Biography and Legal Experience in the Field of Academic Disputes

Adam Goodman practices in criminal and administrative law and has experience before all levels of court in Ontario as well as before various administrative boards and tribunals.

In addition to criminal law, Adam has developed a niche practice assisting clients facing allegations of academic dishonesty/misconduct and has assisted students at universities across the province, including:

  • University of Toronto.
  • York University.
  • Ryerson University.
  • University of Western Ontario.
  • Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine.
  • University of Guelph.

Adam has also assisted students with academic issues before professional colleges.

Adam is an authority on academic law in Canada. Adam has spoken on these issues at continuing professional development programs organized by the Law Society of Ontario and to criminal colleagues at the Destination CPD conference in Las Vegas, NV. Adam was also interviewed as part of the CBC Documentary “Faking the Grade”.

We are pleased to welcome Alex Zheng to the Academic Law team.  Alex has been practicing law since 2018 and is excited to work with Adam in this field.  Alex will be available for consultations and to represent clients at Universities and Colleges across the country.

I reached out to Adam when I desperately needed help to resolve a complicated academic issue that could potentially destroy my future career. I realized he is one of the few lawyers that have lots of experience in academic appeals & disputes and knows everything about the rules and regulations that each university has. He was honest with me and did not give me false hopes. At the same time, he was able to win my case with his knowledge and skills. During the hearing we had, I became even more confident that I made the right decision by choosing him. He was very confident and exactly knew what to do during the stressful time of the hearing. I am very grateful for Adam as winning this case made it possible to get into the professional school that I wanted.



1. Meeting with Professor

The student will meet with the Professor bringing the allegation.


2. Exploratory Meeting

Meet with an official appointed to investigate (usually called the Dean’s Designate). If the Dean’s Designate finds no wrongdoing, the matter will conclude. In many cases, the Dean’s Designate may apply a sanction and not refer the matter to a formal hearing.

3. Hearing

Following this meeting, should a case proceed further, there will be a formal hearing before a tribunal or committee.

4. Appeals

There may also be an appeals process if either party is not satisfied with the decision of the tribunal or committee.

5. Judicial Review

Judicial review of the final decision is possible depending on the circumstances.

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